Internet threats are real and can be costly. Assume your business is a target. Everyday, the majority of all Internet threats originate from a handful of foreign countries targeting virtually every size and type of American business, government agencies and other organizations. Nearly everyone has been attacked, compromised or crashed. How can we protect you from these threats? Each country has its own specific IP address. IndigoRidge restricts Internet visibility and traffic to only those countries and IP addresses whom you want to "see" and access your website or communicate with by email. You decide. IndigoRidge protects.

Local companies and organizations with no offshore business should limit their exposure to foreign, offshore hacking operations. To combat overseas Internet attacks, fraudulent spam and phishing, IndigoRidge has developed comprehensive new firewall and hosting solutions that deny access to your website and filter email from foreign IP addresses. Our server networks are U.S. based and selectively invisible to anyone outside North America on a country-by-country basis. If you don't do business in China, Russia, Romania, Nigeria or elsewhere in the world, why should they see you?


Custom firewalls are critically important to IT security. A firewall can be both software — or hardware-based and is used to block and protect your network against computer attacks. With the threat of an attack on your network greater everyday, IndigoRidge can build the highest level of protection between your local area network (LAN) and the Internet. There are several types of firewalls, including those that possess an expanded or decreased level of intelligence and filtering requirement, depending on your system configuration and security needs. Protect your network, let IndigoRidge assess and build your custom firewall.