Computer operating systems can be compromised by weak Internet security, fraudulent emails, unsecure networks, or phishing. With proactive planning and management, IndigoRidge will conduct a security review and create a custom hosting solution to host your website and email accounts. Coupled to an IndigoRidge custom firewall, you will have a superior level of speed, performance and protection. On our virtual private networks (VPNs), hackers located in any other country, can be prevented from "seeing" your website, nor will they be able to send you spam and fraudulent email. IndigoRidge assists small and medium sized businesses and organizations to safe-keep their data. Custom hosting services are inexpensive, tailored, and provide redundancy through offsite backup. Your information is never lost.

Hosting for Law Firms

Encryption — Securing the Attorney — Client Privilege
The digital age presents a unique set of challenges to attorneys. Balancing security with constant access and data backup requires technical expertise that underscores the critical importance of the attorney — client privilege. Working with legal security specialists and outside counsel, IndigoRidge has developed an encrypted, secured data storage solution specifically for attorneys and their clients. IndigoRidge encrypted data storage stops anyone from knowing the contents of your client's data. As an added service, IndigoRidge offers encrypted email to further protect your data, communications and files assuring a higher level of security and preserving the attorney — client privilege.

Encryption — Protection from Data Breach, Search and Seizure
In the event of a data breach, particularly under the color of law, such as a search or seizure, with our without a warrant, IndigoRidge's standing policy is immediate notice. If we believe there has been a data breach or you have been hacked, you, the attorney, or the firm's data security team is immediately notified of the nature and detail of the breach in order to protect the information affected and more importantly, your clients' rights. Strong encryption protects all client and firm data from an attack. Rapid response and instant notification gives you time to take judicial action to protect your clients and stop the attack.