ITAR Compliant Cloud Storage Solutions

ITAR is a uniquely American concern. Get the All-American solution. With ITAR, do it right the first time. Civil penalties for violating the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (or ITAR) are substantial, starting with fines up to $500,000 per violation and up to five years in jail. If you are a defense contractor or supplier to the defense industry, you should know the importance of protecting and securing technical information. Unauthorized exports are serious felonies that can net you and your company significant legal fees, fines in excess of millions of dollars and jail time.

Your ITAR Compliance Program should include secure hosting and tracking through IndigoRidge. IndigoRidge ITAR compliant servers are physically located in the United States and are firewalled to prevent all access from foreign IP addresses. IndigoRidge does not employ foreign nationals. Our team is comprised of entirely U.S. born citizens. IndigoRidge takes extra precaution to ensure that your data is encrypted on servers in a secure server facility, where our US based team installs, configures and maintain each client server. In addition, IndigoRidge tracks the data on your server and can provide your compliance department with the ability to see and track access logs for every file. We are happy to advise you on best practices for complying with ITAR and technology.

In hosting your company's data with IndigoRidge, we can provide you the confidence of knowing that your systems do not allow the mistaken or intentional export of technical or ITAR controlled data. If an employee wants to access the data from outside of the United States, they must physically take the files with them. IndigoRidge helps you place the control where it should be, in the hands of your compliance department.